Choreographing the chaos and making it
all make sense.


Supporting and ensuring the survival of Black girls and women. Even, and especially, when thriving is not an option. Because simply existing is a win. Black Girl Black Box recognizes that the crash is often inevitable and seeks to facilitate a softer landing next time. Black Girl Black Box is about coping, not curing or correcting. Black Girl Black Box is about sharing the stories of Black girls and women who crash and survive to help other Black girls and women more healthily navigate the next time

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Aundrea Parsons (also known as Dré) brings to Black Girl Black Box a love for the arts and how it can be a form of joy and confidence building for and within Black girls. The eldest daughter of Keith and Rhonda Parsons and big sister to Shauntiel Lech and Venita Parsons; Dre’s biggest influence is her family. She comes from a family where music, movies and television shows were big events in her home and nourished her love for the arts at a young age.  My hope is that Black girls put their joy as a priority. Those that love us will see our joy and what brings us joy and learn to love us unapologetically and out loud.

#BlackGirlBlackBox mission – Survival.